How to configure pppoe in AlmaLinux 8

dnf -y install ppp

dnf -y install NetworkManager-ppp

nmcli connection add type pppoe con-name ppp0_ipv4 username USERNAME password PASSWORD ifname ppp0 pppoe.parent eth2
  • replace USERNAME and PASSWORD with your login pppoe credentials
  • replace eth2 with your NIC

To list all active connections in your system, run the following command:

nmcli con show

You can display the brief information about the ethernet connection using the following command:

nmcli con show id ppp0_ipv4

To activate the new ethernet connection ppp0_ipv4, run the following command:

nmcli con up ppp0_ipv4

The nmcli tool can be used to start and stop any network interface, including controllers. For example:

nmcli con up id bond0
nmcli con up id port0
nmcli dev disconnect bond0
nmcli dev disconnect ens3

You can also monitor NetworkManager activity using nmcli like changes in the connection state, profiles, devices, etc.

nmcli con monitor id ppp0_ipv4

You can also delete a specific ethernet connection with nmcli.

nmcli con del ppp0_ipv4

You can restart or reload your ethernet connection with the following command:

nmcli con reload

Reload the NetworkManager service:

systemctl reload NetworkManager

Display the list of devices:

nmcli device status

Checking the overall status of NetworkManager:

nmcli general status

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